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OPEN (Organisation of Pakistani Entrepreneurs) is a global network of Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals, with chapters in 13 cities from Silicon Valley to New York to London to Islamabad. OPEN provides a platform for Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals of a city to connect, network, collaborate, mentor and support each other. For more than 15 years, OPEN has established itself as the most reputed global brand of Pakistani professionals and has helped countless in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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As Stevenson’s definition “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled”, which i feel is the answer to our current economic woes in Pakistan. We have a huge population base, our government even if functioning at the optimum cannot provide job opportunities and unemployment is at the rise. So what is the logical solution ? It is to have lots of Entrepreneurs. Let there be more job providers than job seekers !!

OPEN Karachi is a platform which is working on this as a national cause. Installing the drivers and ambitions in the Gene Z in universities and schools, acting as bridges between academia and the industry, promoting women and youth empowerment, transforming individuals psychologically to be able to lead and handle stress, facilitating networking as an opportunity to success, providing angel fund and mentorship to startups including operating incubators and accelerators, priority trainings on strategic management and on communication skills with concepts of need assessments, to create value for all members to name a few of the area of interests. I as President of OPEN Karachi which is part of OPEN global, feel privileged to lead a team of dedicated, patriotic and committed individuals whose only desire is to uplift the less fortunate members of the community and to get the wheel of economy rotating in these hard times. I invite and welcome you to be part of this journey !!

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- Prof. Dr. Farhan Essa Abdullah, President, OPEN Karachi

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